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Welcome to my homepage! I like to write about technology, inventing and the projects that I have built. Have fun!

The Railway System from a Software Architect’s Perpective


Test Driven Development – A practical Example

In this article I demonstrate the principles of Test Driven Development on a real project. I will guide you step by step through the development of a working application.


Test Driven Development: Test Doubles


Tools for Test Driven Development – Test Frameworks

In my article Write better code with Test Driven Development I showed you the benefits of Test Driven Development (TDD). Here I show you the tools that you need to perform TDD.



What’s in a name?


Bug Hunting like a Detective


New Article: Write better code with Test Driven Development

Today I start my article series “The Programmer’s Toolbox”.
It focusses on important concepts and tools that every programmer should know about.

The first article is called Write better code with Test Driven Development.

How to build your own responsive WordPress theme

Last week I finished the new WordPress theme for my home page. I built it from scratch to be crisp and responsive. If you want to learn how I did it, click here.

Raspberry CD Player How-to now also available in German

Today my article about how to build a CD Player with a Raspberry was also published in German on the homepage of the renowned magazine PC Welt.

Redesign of my homepage

Today I have finished the redesign of my homepage with my selfmade custom WordPress theme. I hope you like it.