Raspberry CD Player How-to now also available in German

Today my article about how to build a CD Player with a Raspberry was also published in German on the homepage of the renowned magazine PC Welt.


Redesign of my homepage

Today I have finished the redesign of my homepage with my selfmade custom WordPress theme. I hope you like it.


Bluetooth CD Player with Raspberry Pi 3

Recently I won a Raspberry Pi 3 as a first price in our Hackathon at BMW.

I was really impressed with all the new interfaces that the Raspberry now supports out of the box, including Wifi and Bluetooth. So I started thinking what I could do with this nice little computer.

After a few weeks I got an idea for a useful little gadget I could build with it. Some time ago our HiFi system stopped working. We replaced it with a bluetooth speaker, with the music coming from the smartphone or the computer instead. However, once in a while we still like to play a CD. And this has become more tedious with this setup, as you always have to have a PC
running to play a  CD.


On abstraction

What is the job of a software developer? Somebody gives us a machine and he says: We want to do it task X.

Then it is our job to make the machine do this. We have to configure it.
What can we configure? Normally we can configure the CPU. This means we write a piece of software.