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Gogol’s Weird Journey

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol traveled with ease through time and space.
He did so in his literary works and historical studies. He did so in real life.
Being an adventurous type, he had mapped his journey since childhood, where the central stations were in Ukraine.
Then came Russia with its two capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg.
And finally, Europe, where he favored Germany and Italy.
A triumphant path: this is what it looked like to the future writer in his early years.
But reality turned out to be not only glorious, but also very thorny.
Because … his heart was open not only to great literary achievements, but also to great love.

Who is this carefully concealed person?
Who caused so much anxiety to young Gogol?
Who forced him to flee from Russia?

Based on primary sources of 1829, this essay reveals the mystery behind sufferings and despair of a young man in love.

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