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Transportation News CW52/2023

Here is my very last transportation news of the year 2023. Read about buses that generate parking tickets and also about some new underground news.

Cargo sous terrain starts test drilling

The Swiss company Cargo sous terrain, about which I wrote back in July, announced that they have started test drillings (see press release). These drills will help prepare the route of the planned tunnels.
This seems to be a big step forward to realize this interesting idea.

3D Maps of Subway Stations

Have you ever wondered how many tunnels there are in a modern subway station? Albert Guillaumes Marcer gives you the answer on his fascinating homepage. He has created 3D maps of many subway stations from all over Europe.

For example, this is the map of the tunnels under Munich’s central station. It is easy to get lost there, and looking at the map you can see why.

Transportation News CW52/2023

Buses create parking tickets

Santa Monica has automated the generation of parking tickets for drivers who park in bus lanes (see report on Big Blue Bus buses have been equipped with cameras and artificial intelligence algorithms. Now the buses can automatically detect cars that park in their way and read their license plates. This way, a ticket for the offending driver is just a click away.
An ingenious solution that requires no investment in additional infrastructure or personnel. I love it!

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