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ChatGPT, write a Game for Me

A colleague recently asked me what I would do for a living once AI replaces computer programmers. After my initial (hopefully) witty answer, I began to wonder: How good is AI really at doing a programmer’s job? I had read about it, but never tried it myself. So I decided to put ChatGPT to the test.

In my test, I wanted to see if ChatGPT could do real programming. As I wrote before, programming is a creative task. How well would a computer be able to do it? Or would it just repeat examples from the Internet? I decided to interview ChatGPT, just like I would interview a new employee or student to see how experienced the candidate is in software development. Read on to see how well ChatGPT did in my interview.

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On AI and Art

The hype about ChatGPT brings AI to the attention of a wider audience. It might even seem that AI has now reached a level in which many tasks that we originally thought to be in the human domain and not in the machine domain might be taken away from us. But is that really true?